Terms and Conditions (T&C)

§1. Scope

  • These T&C apply for contracts for the rental of the apartment. The house rules are part of the T&C.
  • The contracting partner/guest's terms and conditions only apply if agreed in writing beforehand.

§2. Contract conclusion

  • The contract comes into existence with acceptance of the request (booking confirmation) by Heidelberg ROOMS.

§3. Policy

  • Bookings for less than 3 nights are not possible.
  • The maximum occupancy is six months. An extension of the booking is possible if the apartment is available, but there is no automatic entitlement.
  • Heidelberg ROOMS has right of access to all apartments in order to ensure correctness of occupancy and cleanliness of the rooms.
  • Subletting or reletting of the apartments is not permitted.
  • Occupancy of the apartments by more than the booked number of people is not permitted.
  • There is a complete smoking ban in all apartments. If this is contravened, the guest/contracting partner can be charged for cleaning (billed by time) and renovation (flat-rate charge of 250 Euros).
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Gross or repeated infringement of the house rules with two warnings can lead to the immediate termination of the accommodation contract.
  • Private property left behind will be kept by Heidelberg ROOMS for a maximum of four weeks after the end of the stay. At the end of this period, Heidelberg ROOMS is entitled to dispose of items left behind or to pass them on to a lost and found office, with the guest having no claim for compensation.
  • Non-returned fixtures and fittings will be charged for, including, if applicable, at a later point in time.

§4. Provision

  • Booked apartments will be available to the contracting partner/guest 2pm on the day of arrival.
  • Apartments must be vacated 11am on the day of departure.

§5. Right to withdraw

  • Cancellation is not permitted.

§6. Severability clause

  • Should one or several provisions of this agreement be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions of the agreement shall in no way be affected. The parties shall immediately replace any unenforceable conditions by valid provisions that are as close as possible to the purpose and meaning intended by the unenforceable conditions.

§7. Closing provisions

  • The place of performance and payment is Heidelberg.
  • German law shall apply exclusively.
  • The place of jurisdiction in commercial transactions for all disputes between the parties arising from the contractual relationship is Heidelberg.

House rules

The contracting partner/guest is obliged to comply with the Heidelberg ROOMS house rules.

General rules of conduct

  • Nothing must be thrown from balconies or windows.
  • No laundry may be laid/hung out on balconies.
  • The user is not allowed to make changes to the rooms or items of furniture, such as drilling holes to hang up items, hammering in nails, or similar.

Safety precautions

  • Barbecuing on balconies is not allowed.
  • Windows and balcony doors must be kept closed in the event of storms, rain or snow.
  • The doors to the stairwell must be kept closed.
  • No objects may be placed outside the apartments.
  • No naked lights or flammable materials are allowed in hallways, stairwells etc.

Waste disposal

  • No waste, harmful liquids or similar may be disposed of down drains or toilet bowls.
  • A final cleaning charge is included in the accommodation price. If the apartment is left excessively dirty or with a disproportionate amount of trash, additional cleaning costs will be charged.

Mutual consideration

  • Please refrain from making disruptive noise in the entire building. Loud conversations etc. in the stairwell and hallways must be avoided.
  • Radio, music and television should be set to a moderate volume only.
  • Respect towards the residents is expected as a matter of course. Visitors must also comply with the house rules.